Is This Your Card?

One of the things I loved most about my community this past year was the constant life that was given to each other.

We prayed for each other,

Prophesied over each other,

Supported each other’s dreams,

And spoke life over what God was doing.

Incredible way to live, right? In Malaysia, one of my teammates had this vision for me:

“I saw someone doing a magic trick for you. You picked a card and put it back. Then he kept saying, ‘Is this your card? Is this your card?’ And it never was…until finally, with a deep exhale you said, ‘Yes…that’s it.’”

I love magic tricks. The more confused I am, the more I like it. This magic trick definitely left me confused, but I can’t say that I liked this one very much. I tend to be more impressed when he gets it right the first time. Why does it take so long to find my card?

Well, you see, for me that card is a promise. A promise of something bigger, something better, something sweeter, something I was meant for.

But waiting for that card is hard. It’s like I said in my ABOUT section, my view lately has been, “Shouldn’t my dreams be coming true?” I don’t particularly like the waiting process.

Lucky for me though, part of living in community that calls life out of each other also involves calling the junk out of each other, challenging us to live better. It’s love really. It doesn’t always feel like love, but it is. And that leads me to…


I didn’t realize I had it. It wasn’t obvious. It was hidden under a this-is-how-it-is excuse. But the truth is, I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to watch other people attain so easily what I have waited so long for. I would rather my strength be renewed by receiving a promise instead of waiting on the Lord. (Sounds ugly, but it’s true.) Waiting is hard. And how many of us choose the hard way if it can be handed to us the easy way?

But I’ve learned something from all this. Papa doesn’t make us wait for the sake of waiting. It isn’t a joke that he finds funny and we find miserable. If you’re waiting, it’s because He has something for you in the waiting. And if you are too focused on the card that will come, you’ll miss the incredible opportunity that is right now.

If there’s one thing people know from Ecclesiastes, it’s that there is a time and season for everything. For good, for bad, for hard, for joy, for sadness. You name it, there’s a season for it.

Waiting is a season. It’s something we all go through to get to that place we want to be. But we can’t focus on the waiting; we have to focus on what is in front of us. The truth is…where you are right now is more amazing than you know. If you will embrace and enjoy the waiting, when your card comes it will seem even sweeter than you imagined.

“For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”                                                                  2 Chronicles 16:9


2 thoughts on “Is This Your Card?

  1. Great blog Ali. Waiting is very hard if you’re too focused on hoping for your future blessing from God. But there’s a reason for the waiting. It’s to prepare us for the blessing. It took me a long time to understand that. Sometimes I still fail to see and understand that, but for the most part I’ve come to realize that the waiting is making me better equipped to accept my future blessings.

  2. My precious Ali, waiting is always hard! But in the waiting, remember the Word says, “This is the way, walk ye in it.” Along the “Way” the waiting disappears. Love you much. Memomma

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